The Personal Interest Project allows you to select a global context of interest to you. It will enable you to develop new learning and skills by developing an idea that particularly interests you and relates to your global context. Throughout this process we will develop an understanding of a growth mindset and what it means to be a powerful learner.

Your PIP journey will be recorded in your journal and reflections will be recorded on your personal blog. Your teachers and a mentor will discuss your progress with you. We will share ideas with each other and provide constructive feedback to each other. You will be expected to submit your journal, a final product and a final statement at the completion of the allocated time. The final statement will be completed in class assistance from your class teacher.
Final PIPs will be showcased to the community in a PIP Expo which will be held in the outdoor learning centre early in term 4. You are expected to attend the expo as part of your community service. It is an opportunity to demonstrate and celebrate your learning.

Planning and Investigation Resources

Mind Mapping video
Bloom's Taxonomy Planning tool

Referencing tool

Feedforward Resource

Austin's Butterfly video

Innovative Kids-Ellen de Generes