This unit of inquiry is informed by the Civics and Citizenship component of The Australian Curriculum and The IB discipline of Individuals and Societies.
Key Concept:Systems
Related Concepts: Leadership and Citizenship
Global Context:Fairness and Development
Statement of Inquiry

Leadership and government systems impact on the development of collaborative citizenship.
Inquiry Questions
What is a democracy?
What is the Australian constitution?
What is a referendum?

What are the characteristics of a great leader and how does leadership impact on civics and citizenship?
How is Australia’s system of democratic government shaped by the Constitution?
How might we become active and informed citizens?

Student Resources
Criterion A assessment

IB Learner Profile+ Geraldine Cox
Analysing the Australian Constitution

Referendums in Australia
BTN Constitution

Adam Goodes Australian of the Year 20


It's a Frame Up- Scaffold
It's a Frame Up Design Rubric

Primary and Secondary Sources